Dealing with the D Factor!

The recent shock and disbelief over the untimely death of a young and upcoming television actress is causing ripples that will take time to settle down. What were the circumstances that drove her to such a tragic end?…only time will tell, and when investigations come to conclusions that can be relied upon! Yes, all of us agree that it is not easy to survive in the glamour world; it has a pound of truth in it. But is it not the same when it comes to any industry that has demanding deadlines, high expectations and cut throat competition to survive and make it big in life?

What are the aspects that drag one to the dungeon called suicide? How does one stay on the safe track and not slip into the slippery side of life? What should one be wary of?

What are the aspects that drag one to the dungeon called suicide? How does one stay on the safe track and not slip into the slippery side of life? What should one be wary of?

De Facto D Factors:

  • Debt: Though there could be many reasons that one can fall prey to debt, the number one reason that can be avoided however is the craving to acquire more and more, and hoping that the lavish life style created will be a lifelong reality.
  • Disease: When stressors mount, both body and mind become the prey to the term “Lifestyle Disease”, that lead to Hypertension, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes to name a few.
  • Diabetes: The most common of all the life style disease  that is striking youngsters at an alarming rate and is driven by lack of exercise, lack of sleep and consuming foods high in carbs, fats and sugar.
  • Divorce: When taken in letter and spirit, divorce need not be restricted to married couples; it could be break down of a live in or a long-time relationship. The emotional upheavals that it leaves the individual with, can be devastating.
  • Depression: The normal ups and downs of life leaves one feeling sad and low now and then,  but when loneliness and a sense of despair have taken hold of ones’ life making everyday living difficult it is time to sit up and take notice of it. It is a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, like reaching the end of the tunnel and there is nowhere to go, nobody to turn to for help!
  • Death Wish: Any or a few of the above D Factors role into each other, leaving the individual extremely sensitive and susceptible …The wish to culminate ones’ life forms the last finale

A little bit of awareness and stock checking now and then can erase all of the above D Factors! Let us see what they are?

The Stock checking D Factors:

  • Discipline: Inculcatingcertain disciplinary steps in life will go a long way in preserving health and happiness. Be it exercising / jogging / or following up on a hobby will pump in the feel good hormones like serotonin and oxytocin.
    Having realistic goals and schedules do matter.  Taking a break when things are piling up is so important; a simple stretch of muscles sitting on your office chair can pump in those hormones too. Sleep deprivation is a NO NO; a minimum of 6-7 hours is a must, sleep recharges the body just like your charger recharges your mobile phone!
    Last but not the least, consuming the right type of food at the right time can keep the life style diseases at bay.

  • Drop the past baggage: Holding on to the past, be it in relationships or mistakes committed knowingly or unknowingly is like a burden on the back that will constantly pull down. Let go and look for newer meaning and purpose of life.

  • Deal with issues: Not Dealing with issues and pushing them under the carpet hoping that it will settle down; be it in relationships or at work is a gross mistake. Abusive relationships are best left aside as early as possible, in an appropriate manner.

  • Develop a network: In the time of crisis the best support system one can have is friends and family. Make it a habit to share the good news as well as the bad ones. Keep the communication channels open. Family is like a shock absorber, the first let down for any one in trouble is when the family is not supportive or understanding. Friends one can confide in have to be chosen carefully, they need to be trustworthy and dependable. Professional Counsellors and Psychologists can be of immense help in such situations.

  • Do enquire: If you notice that someone around ( at office / home/ your immediate neighbourhood)  is looking forlorn and lonely step out and enquire; “ if everything is alright? If  there is anything that you could do for him /her?” You may feel you are intruding, but who knows one should not regret later, as the neighbour of the deceased actress cited later, “I heard her crying but did not stop and ask if I could help. I wish I had!”
  • DE stress: Moving from Distress to De-stress; one of the best and simplest method; is to simply focus on breath and become aware of natural breathing, if it is too difficult to focus, take fast and shallow breaths, as mind calms down the breath too will get back to natural rhythm. Breath awareness can be done at times of deep stress and as a habit for at least 10 minutes morning and evening.

Life is like a rainbow, it is colourful and beautiful. The rainbow appears  and then it is gone, life ebbs out naturally so fast, do not make the journey shorter than what it is…live life to the fullest like the rainbow; bright and beautiful.

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