Why do men shout?

Have you come across men who lose their cool and shout out of the blue, for no rhyme or reason? If you have answered “NO”, then you are the odd one out, and we will add the blessed one too! If you look around, it takes place a tad too often to go unnoticed!
What is all the more confusing is the fact that it is unfathomable to understand the cause of the sudden rage. When things are going perfectly fine, there are explosions that will leave people within the audible ring absolutely baffled at the outrageous outpour!

‘Well, why does this happen?’
1. We all know that statements like “Be like a man, boys don’t cry” or “you are crying like a girl” are statements that boys grow up with. This continues in to the adult phase, as an urge of wanting to be in control, and at the smallest irk, the fireworks erupt.
2. If the outrageous behaviour is not checked, the first time it happens, especially through childhood, it becomes a means of getting attention to what the man in question wants. And once this pattern sets in, it becomes a habituated behaviour!

These behaviors manifest both in the work and social environments. On the work front, it may be a little more controlled, fearing the repercussions that can ensue, especially in organisations that have zero tolerance to “bad behaviors” in the workplace.
So what can be done? If you are a person, who succumbs to shouting, and you want to work on it, or you are somebody who is a victim of some ones’ wrath, here is some good news. Emotion management is a skill that can be learned, dealing with toxic people too is a learned skill! May this learning dawn on all; as we usher in a

Happy and Peaceful New Year 2016!

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