Employee Engagement


Happiness @ Work & Life-A new route to employee engagement:

It is also well established that for any organization to be productive and provide a harmonious work-place, their employees need to be happy and engaged both at personal and professional fronts. Often people are not happy with the state of affairs in their lives but have no clue that they need not be so.

The emerging field of Positive Psychology affirms that everyone can increase their “Happiness” Quotient by inculcating simple techniques in their daily life. Ingraining happiness is an art, which is backed by rich scientific study called the “Science of Happiness”.

Key Benefits of the ‘Happiness & You’ workshop:

  • Understanding what constitutes happiness
  • Identifying what makes you happy
  • Tools and techniques to incorporate happiness in life
  • Making happiness a way of life!
  • Creating happy teams

Effective People Management skills:

“No one leaves a job…they leave the Boss”

The biggest challenge faced by today’s Managers is in creating, motivating and retaining a team . This workshop focuses on empowering Managers through People Management & Leadership Skills, especially , in individuals who have just taken the Leadership role or are about to begin managing people.

The take away includes learning to overcome Perceptual & Attitudinal barriers, Effective interpersonal communication skills, Feedback technique, Building trust, Responsibility and Accountability in teams. Empowering self and team through effective People management skills and creating happy and productive work places is a precursor to employee engagement.

Emotional Intelligence at Work:

Making your EQ work for you

Enrich yourself and your employees through Emotional Intelligence quotient (EQ) – a critical factor for both personal and professional success.

This workshop deals with understanding the self through Self Awareness and Self Regulation, helps in distinguishing between Thoughts and Feeling which is a fore runner for Emotions Management, teaches the art of expressing self in the right manner at the right time.Ability to create relations and manage the psychological contracts with the employees will help to create happy and engaged employees.

The takeaway includes Impulse control, ability to put self in the other persons’ shoes and empathize, focus on Relationship Management.

Everyday Stress Management and Work Life balance:

Workshop focusing on the need for empowering the employees to achieve the Work-Life balance foundational to being an engaged employee. It is indeed

The workshop helps in realizing what triggers stress, the effects of stress on body and mind, and what can be done at different levels via; Body, Mind, and at the Intellectual level to manage stress effectively.>

It forces one to relook into the roles and responsibilities of each individual and reframe the same for restoring Health, Vitality, and Energy at work stations.

Exchange Competition with Collaboration:

” Effective Conflict Management in teams “

Effective conflict management is the key to collective capability. This workshop empowers Leaders to focus on managing the conflicts within their organizations to facilitate the shift from the attitude of competition to one of collaboration.

The workshop deals elaborately on both intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts. It facilitates participants to understand what drives conflicts at work, what are the blocks in conflict management, the tools and techniques to deal with the same, being aware of different types of conflict resolution that one can adopt to, using different techniques for different kinds of situations and dealing with difficult people. It also addresses using the awareness regarding Parent, Child and Ego states in dealing with conflicts.