Executive Coaching


“He who looks outside his own heart dreams, he who looks inside his own heart awakens.”
Carl Jung

Coaching is about identifying and working on ones’ mindset and mental blocks that come in the way of achieving ones’ goals and success in life. Giving a raw diamond the right cut and clarity, will showcase its’ multifaceted colour and brilliance. Likewise ‘Coaching’ helps in unfolding and showcasing the excellence that is hidden within an creative writing examples individual.

One to one coaching: face to face; telephone, online

  • Work on Personal Effectiveness
  • Achieve career growth
  • Boss and Peer management
  • Build on Self-confidence
  • Enhance your EQ
  • Communicate to win
  • Align your goals to your values and Beliefs

Sabita Prasad, our Co-Founder is a Life Coach and a Counselling Psychotherapist, with a rich experience in coaching individuals to bring out the best in them. She extensively uses Neuro Linguistic Programming* and Cognitive behavior therapy to get the desired results.

Trained in NLP by NLP Master Trainer Owen Fitzpatrick, Richard McHugh and Neoway Academy as a NLP Coach,she has coached and empowered many executives and professionals to achieve their cherished goals and dreams.

*NLP is the most proven and scientific way to understand how your subconscious is presently coded and re-code superior programs to unleash personal power to achieve the level of success that you desire.