Diversity & Inclusion


Building Bridges:

Workshop on enhancing Gender Harmony at Work

Men and women are equal….but different. The Working styles, Communication styles and Leadership styles of the two genders are different. These differences may lead to perceptual errors and to disharmony. Organizations cannot afford such time, energy and productivity bleeders. They need to create work places where both the genders are comfortable and work in harmony. This fun filled workshop focuses on skill building in identifying; understanding and overcoming the differences to enable people to work better together and add to the bottom line of the Company. The tools, techniques and skills required to bridge the gaps are the takeaways from this highly interactive, case study based workshop.

Best of all the Generations:

Workshop on managing Generation Diversity

As the average workforce in India gets younger, Organizations are facing a new challenge; the generation gap within their corridors. Getting the members from different generations to understand each other and work together with mutual respect has become the need of the day. This workshop builds awareness, instils the required respect and provides tools and techniques to help people across generations to work in harmony.

Women in Leadership:

Workshop for Women executives aspiring to reach the top

Is a woman’s career comparable to a “Snake & Ladder” game? Why is it that many successful mid-level women managers quit or stay put at mid-levels rather than aspire to go up? This research-backed workshop deals with the high-end skills such as leadership ,negotiation, influencing, networking and strategic thinking skills needed for both reaching the top level and staying on there.