Prevention of Sexual Harassment @ Work place


The Govt. of India has enacted the “Sexual harassment of women at work place, Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal Act – 2013” (The SH Act) which makes it mandatory that employers address the issue of sexual harassment at the work-place proactively . Resonance Consulting offers the following services that empower Organizations to comply with such stipulations of the SH Act both in letter & spirit:

1. Policy formulation

The SH Act envisages a robust organizational policy on prevention and prohibition of sexual harassment and an effective mechanism for Redressal of grievances. We work with organizations to formulate such new policies or modify their existing policies in alignment with mandatory Government guidelines.

2. Membership of the Internal complaints committee

As per the SH Act, it is mandatory for employers with 10 or more employees to constitute an Internal Complaint Committee and appoint an external member familiar with such issues. We offer this expert service and are currently on the panel of several top organizations.

3. Training & Orientation

The SH Act makes it compulsory that employers arrange for training for every employee to build awareness about its provisions. It also makes it mandatory for the Internal Complaints committee (ICC) members to attend an orientation session to familiarize themselves with the provisions of the Act and empower them to carry out their roles in accordance with the law. We offer both the above trainings and facilitate not only compliance but also create harassment free workplaces.

4. Employee Counseling

We also offer one to one counseling to employees involved in harassment cases where needed


We truly appreciate all the support we have got from Sabitha and Sudha of Resonance Consulting on various occasions to bring Diversity and Inclusion into mainstream. Your partnership with NASSCOM D&I team from 2008, has been very beneficial to a lot of people and companies. We are happy to also be working closely on the sexual harassment committee and having your expertise to be an external member for companies on their committees.