Harassment Free Workplaces

Gender sensitization is the mantra for creating inclusive and harmonious work places. We offer the following workshops that help build the needed awareness.


Building Bridges

A gender sensitization Workshop with awareness of the POSH Act-2013

Men and women are equal yet different.Creating awareness about these naturally existing differences helps build bridges between the two genders.also helps in understanding the POSH Act and its implications

Orientation workshop for ICC members

Guidelines, Roles & Responsibilities

Building awareness about the provisions of the act and orienting the members of the Internal complaints committee to empower them to take up their roles with confidence


We truly appreciate all the support we have got from Sabita and Sudha on various occasions to bring Diversity and Inclusion into mainstream. Their partnership with NASSCOM D&I team from 2008, has been very beneficial to a lot of people and companies.

The gender sensitization workshop titled “Building Bridges” was very well appreciated in both NASSCOM’s National D & I summit in Bangalore and NASSCOM forum in Chennai. It was rated excellent as well as ‘‘very informative and highly interactive’ by an audience that included senior executives from both genders and various multinationals.